tips for marketing your small business

When you think about marketing for your business, do you picture big, expensive television commercials? If so, you have a lot to learn about marketing for your business. Marketing comes in many forms. Everything from articles on blogs to posting on social media websites can help to market your business. This blog contains a slew of tips and a ton of information that can help you get started with an effective and affordable marketing campaign that will help to boost your profits. Hopefully, all of my years working to market my own business will help you to market yours well.

Hottest Team In Town: Dressing Up Your Company Street Team


If you live in a large city, you know that street teams are a formidable marketing product. Those who advertise "on the ground' meet face to face with consumers to offer your products and services. Having a constant street team is one of the best ways to spread knowledge about a business to varying customer base. If you have a street team that advertises for you  around the city, in businesses, and at events, here are some ideas for embroidered advertisement clothing that can work for multiple event.

Embroidered hats for daily wear

If your team will be in the sun, one of the most thoughtful items that you can hand out is a hat. Hats will help to keep them shaded from the sun and keep them from having to worry about a hairstyle that can stand up to the hot weather. Hats with your business logo and name that can be spotted from several yards away make the perfect casual clothing item that any team member can wear, regardless of size. Snap back hats are an inexpensive item and can fit any size person, so keeping these on hand is easy for your business.

Suspenders during dressy events

Getting dolled up for events is the number one method for making an impression. To throw in a little extra pizzazz and advertise all at once, consider creating suspenders with custom embroidery for your company. The company name can be placed down the length of the suspenders, or you can choose to go with the company logo. Your team should be dressed similarly, with the same colored shirts and slacks, and the suspenders properly attached. A fancy team that is dressed similarly will draw the eye and curiosity of other event-goers. 

Logo gloves for multiple purposes

Street teams often have to get their hands dirty in the field, literally and figuratively. Your team will be meeting with consumers and other company owners on a regular basis, handing out flyers, business information, and samples. To keep you street team bundled up in the winter and keep them healthy in the summer, offer embroidered gloves. Leather or knitted gloves can feature your business logo on the back and will be one of the first things customers see after shaking hands with a team member.  For the summer, finger-less gloves make a fashionable impression and protect the majority of the hand from germs.


9 October 2015