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When you think about marketing for your business, do you picture big, expensive television commercials? If so, you have a lot to learn about marketing for your business. Marketing comes in many forms. Everything from articles on blogs to posting on social media websites can help to market your business. This blog contains a slew of tips and a ton of information that can help you get started with an effective and affordable marketing campaign that will help to boost your profits. Hopefully, all of my years working to market my own business will help you to market yours well.

Welcome Gifts for New Employees: What You Can Do and Why You Should Do It


New employees tend to feel a little lost for the first few weeks after being hired. Some companies try to help these new employees feel more at home and more welcomed. They do so by giving the new employees a welcome gift. This is typically something small, reasonably affordable, and functional in an office space. Read the following suggestions for ideas and to learn why you should start this tradition.

Personalized Custom Corporate Mugs

Most people in the office drink coffee or tea. Even if a new employee only drinks water from the water cooler, he/she should still have his/her own mug. You can pay a company to create custom corporate mugs. You could even have the company leave room on each mug for personalization. The mugs ordered in advance will have blank spaces on which to write one's name in permanent marker, or you can special order personalized mugs as each new batch of employees comes in to work. This not only provides a nice welcome gift for new employees, but it also eliminates the issue of people taking and using other people's mugs and cups that everyone brings from home. Now, everyone's mugs/cups from home can stay home, and everyone gets their own personalized mug to use at work.

​Brass Nameplate for Desks or Cubicles

So many employees can remain nameless and faceless in the crowd. That is not how you want your company to be. You want people to get to know each other as they work side by side. To do that, your employees need to learn each other's names. Introduce new employees without having to directly introduce them by using nameplates. The brass nameplates can go on desks, or attach to the outside walls of each cubicle. This allows old employees to recognize and become familiar with new employees without too much disturbance in the daily hub of activity. Also, new employees do not have to constantly stop what they are doing to introduce themselves—their nameplates do it for them.

​Custom Corporate Pens

What do employees need a lot of? Pens, of course! Pens are useful for marking documents, making notes, etc. While it is not the most glamorous of welcome gifts, you can give every employee a box of custom corporate pens, all with the company info and logo right on them. This also reduces pen theft, since it is obvious where and who these pens belong to. If pens are borrowed and circulated around the office, it also reduces the conflict and turmoil of who has what pen and where it came from because every employee has the same pens.


9 October 2018